From Italy to Slovenia


Two weeks of journey, a little over 3 000 kilometres, almost 233 090 steps, a route through the west of this beautiful country of Slovenia. Among lakes, mountains, forests, sea, landscapes as far as the eye can see, I entrust to you today the details this first journey to discover magnificent places.

I keept telling myself that Slovenia is a gift. We cannot imagine that there are perfect scenery to discover in eastern Europe. After posting a few photos with a Instagram survey to guess in which country there are these beautiful landscapes, 80% replied Canada !

I have scoop for you, it is not only in Canada that you will explore lakes, mountains, forests around you… So, after many requests from you, after my Instagram story, tadaaaaam ; the article of my trip.

But, before explail the details of my journey, I would like to confese you some informations. Two weeks to visit Slovenia, it’s very short. This is unbelievable, but there are a many things to do, visit, hike, outdoor activities, etc. If you want to do a Road Trip, I advise you to plan about two month. There are a lot of importants things to know. I would like to have some information before this trip.

This trip are divide on three parts, North-West to explore Triglav park, Center and South, from Ljubljana to Kocevje, then, South-West to enjoy the sea. It’s a pleasure to combine several types of landscapes in the same country.

It is incredible how much this country holds a wealth of nature. A good way to refuel and reconnect to her. Some areas are protected and registred in UNESO world heritage. If you go to Kocevje, you will know that 90% of the city is essentially forest.

Nature is absolutely breathtaking and really well kept. I had left to Slovenia with the intention of taking plastic bags with me and as much waste as possible. But, since two weeks, I picked up not to far from 5 wastes only ! The cleanliness is remarkable.

You’ll wonder why I recommend you to go to Slovenia for about two months, because this is a small country. Don’t be mistaken ! The roads are… Hold on to it ! There are a lot of tight curves, you climb high, especially in the Triglav Park. A journey of 20 km can quickly translate into an hour’s drive. You follow only mountains roads, it’s really awesome, especially if you be on passenger seat – like me – !

Road time is a significant point, you’ll quickly realize thanks to my differents articles, that the majority of the places I visited were quickly filled because of tourists. According to schedules, there are a significant crowd.

Finally, get up early and plan wide.

A departure from Besançon (FR), via Switzerland, where you use roads at 2,000 metres of elevation, then, one night in Verona (IT). It was wise to stop there… Three hours late because of the traffic in Italy.

Infos : I don’t want to blame the conduct of the Italians, but ride in their country, it’s hardship ! And … Don’t forget to take out your wallet, because there are a lot of tollbooths !


Between us, it’s very accessible !

Housing : For two persons, we spent 1 032 euros, so 516 euros for each person, so about 34.40 euros per night.

Ride : We filled five full of gasoline. With tollbooths, we spent 209 euros for each person.

Food : There are Mercator market around the Triglav park. Otherwise, near to differents villages and tourists cities, there are Lidl, Hofer et Spar. I don’t have the details of the expenses, but, it’s not expensive, it’s very accessible. I especially remember that the HUMMUS pot was two euros cheaper than in France!

About restaurants, it’s not expensive too. Dishes on restaurant menu are Les plats sur les cartes are often the same in any restaurant. Every time I ate there, the bill was between 20 and 25 euros for two person.


Through this article, I would like to describe to you my journey day per day. Each place will send you to the link of the dedicated article. It’s more simple for me to describe this journey. So, aach link will be an article that will describe in more detail the place visited. And… when you see the length to this article, you think : luckily it’s cut into several parts !

I’m done talking now, here is the itinerary :

Day 1

Day 2

Day 3

Day 4

  • Krma valley
  • Kransja Gora
  • Laghi di predil

Day 5

  • Vrsic
  • Adojvska Deklica
  • Ruska Kapelica
  • Vrsiska Cesta
  • Mosjtrana Waterfall Pericnik Slap
  • Velika Korita Soce

Day 6

  • Bled

Day 7

  • Bohinj lake
  • Church of St. Premoz

Day 8

  • Ljubljana
  • Kocevje forest
  • Trieste (Italy)

Day 9

  • Skocjan caves
  • Rakov Skocjan
  • Koper

Day 10

  • Castel Lueghi
  • Izola

Day 11

Day 12

Day 13

  • Piran

Day 14

  • Otlica
  • Izola

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